How We Do It

Our prime directive is to create a fresh, compelling, professionally designed, database-driven website for you that has ‘WOW’ value and stimulates increased online visibility and interest. We strive for stylish, functional, fast loading sites that REALLY work.

This is achieved through a combination of intelligent site layout and navigation menu, a simple content management system (CMS) which allows you to easily make changes to site content, concise and compelling copywriting, clean and elegant design elements, and a fast loading interface. Where appropriate, we create interesting flash animation graphics to enhance the visitor experience, while ensuring all visitors are guaranteed a flawless user experience.

A project is only as good as those who manage it. When dealing with F8Media you benefit from project management procedures that have been fine tuned for close to a decade. This, combined with our experienced team gives you the peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your project is being handled as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Seven steps to a successful project

1. You approach us with an idea.

2. Together we refine the objectives that shape the design.

3. Design concepts are developed and massaged.

4. Templating, functionality and content is developed.

5. Search engine optimisation is incorporated.

6. Debugging, browser and usability testing.

7. Final approval and your site goes LIVE!