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With the warmer months now upon us, we should be thinking seriously about giving our websites a spring clean. Websites, like houses, build up dust and cobwebs. Things break and don’t work like they should. The façade cracks or becomes outdated. A tidy and freshen up can go a long way.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to updating your website, or what even needs to be done. A review is usually the best first step as this will point out where all the cracks and cobwebs are hiding, not to mention drawing your attention to those big problems you’ve been sweeping under the rug for months, maybe even years, and have forgotten about completely.

A website review usually consists of an analysis of current Search Engine Optimisation initiatives, design and layout, navigation and usability, all content including text and imagery, and effectiveness of marketing messages throughout the website. This analysis will give you an overview of exactly what isn’t working and what needs to be done.

Websites have a tendency to date and experience wear and tear over the years without proper maintenance. Some common examples of this are as follows:

1. Broken links to pages that no longer exist or have been moved.
2. Narrow and outdated website designs for older monitors.
3. Text with important keywords entered as images that can’t be read by search engines.
4. Lack of Meta Descriptions, ALT tags and image descriptions for photos.
5. Poorly designed and un-intuitive navigation and menu functionality.
6. Outdated and un-maintained blogs or newsletters.
7. Amateur photography or graphic design presents an unprofessional image.
8. Vague descriptions of services or products offered rather than clear, concise messages.
9. Lack of optimisation for mobile devices.

A website review will provide you with an excellent starting point for planning to reenergize your online presence and increase visitors and sales through your website, as well as fixing issues such as those above. Don’t procrastinate. Prepare to ditch the dirt and clutter that isn’t working for you anymore, and let a web developer put the gloves on and do the dirty work. They will give you a plan of action to make sure your website is in ship-shape in no time!


F8Media recently conducted a website review for a company specialising in financial advice and wealth creation. Their website was designed by a different design studio, but as it hadn’t been updated for a while, they decided it was time to have some fresh eyes take a look at the current site and make suggestions for changes.

While testing the Search function on their website to ensure it works as it should, we found that a search for ‘sales’ produced astonishing results – direct links to internal documents stored within the financial advisors’ private and ‘secure’ password protected login section of the website. These documents outlined their sales strategies, their scripting, tips for overcoming objections from clients, information on how to use internal software etc, all in great detail.

These documents were obviously not meant to be seen by the public, potential clients, or their competition. It appeared that the Search function had not been tested prior to the website review and, luckily, F8Media brought this problem to the company’s attention immediately so that they could address the issue.

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